February 27, 2013

Little Caprice Has Fun Photographing With A Sexy Friend

It is all so adorable to see two young girls who are best friends having fun taking pictures together. But it is that and much more when it comes to Little Caprice and blonde hair friend. You will definitely want to get a good look at these private shots of the naked pair as they smile and pose for the camera. They also play around with each other’s bodies and press their feet against each other’s pussy and boobs. You can clearly see that these girls like to get naughty with each other.
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February 12, 2013

Caprice Treats Sex Like A Contact Sport

It must be every guys fantasy to find a girl who is into sports. Little Caprice has never been the girly-girl type and judging by her thin and athletic body she doesn’t mind getting rough and competitive. She already has on her boxing gloves and wants to let you know that she is ready and willing to do the two-fisted tango. But that is just her playful side and what is really at the back of her mind is a little horizontal dancing with a cock punching deep into her snatch. And that is exactly what she gets when her guy friend enters into the picture naked with hard cock in hand. If fucking was an Olympic sport, then she would surely be ready to bring home the gold medal for her country.
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January 21, 2013

Caprice Tapes Her Tits but Not Her Holes

Little Caprice decides to put on a newer look. She looks a bit like that hot chick from the 5th Element movie that all the guys had a hard-on for when she puts sexy body tape over her tits, legs, stomach, neck, and arms. Looks like the only thing that she has left uncovered is her meat sack. Maybe she wants to keep the access to all holes open because she has a big dildo ready to fill them. After teasing you and getting your pants rocket ready to launch, she spreads those slim lovely legs and fucks her own pussy while you watch.
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December 21, 2012

Things Get Kinky When Teen Little Caprice Is Unsupervised

There really is no telling how this little scene got started, but one good guess might be that Little Caprice’s parents made the thoughtless mistake of leaving her home all alone. Even if she is the apple of her mother’s eye and even though she can do no wrong in her father’s eyes, her parents must be blind or just plain nuts to leave this whore alone for five minutes without supervision. Don’t they know that their daughter is a total slut and will be fucking boys in their bedroom in no time? Apparently not and that is exactly what she was counting on. But she knows that they won’t be gone for long and her guy doesn’t waste any time before cramming her teenage whole full of his Johnson.
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December 18, 2012

Caprice Gets Wet When Taking A Milk Bath

Little Caprice knows that the bathroom is the perfect place to play. When you see a small sample of some things that she does there, you will know why too. This time around she decides to give herself a little skin treatment to make sure she stays just as soft and supple as ever. She does this by taking a warm milk bath and letting you eye her as she gets horny while going through her beauty routine. She is live proof that milk really does a body good when dripping the cool liquid onto her sweet snatch.

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